We are currently recruiting for our WVU Teen Life Project!

We are conducting a research study with 9th graders and parents called the Teen Life Project. Our main goals are to learn how 9th graders think about and pursue happiness, and how these beliefs relate to other feelings and behaviors. We are also interested in how the parents of these teens define happiness and how their beliefs and behaviors may relate to their children’s beliefs and behaviors.

The study has three parts. The first is we ask to meet with each teen and parent(s) or caregiver (either in your home, our research lab at WVU, or another convenient location) to fill out a survey and complete a few behavioral tasks. Then, in 6 months and 1 year from that meeting, you would fill out another set of surveys, either online or mailed to you. Each participating teen and parent will be paid $20 for each of the three parts. And if you complete all parts, you’ll get paid an extra $20. So each teen and parent could earn $80 total. At least one parent/caregiver needs to participate with each 9th grader. If two parents are available, we’d love to have both parents (or primary caregivers) participate.

To participate or to find out more information, please provide your contact information in the link below or you can call, text, or email us.  Thank you!


Dr. Amy Gentzler: